What is Club Hombre?

While living in the rural Alpujarra, I’m frequently reminded of a chapter in the excellent book, ‘Ghosts of Spain’ by Giles Tremlett, in which he discusses “men and children first”. Harking back to the Titanic, Joseph Bruce Ismay, former owner of the White Star Line, allowed himself to be rescued from the sinking ship ahead […]

How to alienate your Alpujarran neigbours

Before leaving England to move to Spain, I was a city girl. With that as my background, I decided to buy a house in Lanjarón – a spa town with around 3,500 inhabitants that has the world’s highest life expectancy because of its mountain water, which is bottled and sold throughout France and Spain. I […]

Coming to La Alpujarra

I first visited La Alpujarra in the early 2000s with a group of friends from Brighton. We were invited by a couple who had bought land near a small village called Lobras and were rebuilding a ruin to make it their home. Just before departing for this holiday, I’d fallen out with my boyfriend of […]